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Meet the world’s finest stage pianos

The choice of some of the most successful performing artists in the world, the MP Series is Kawai's range of professional stage pianos. Solid steel and timber chasses. Touch to inspire the most demanding players. Immaculate sound to captivate in any venue. Professional audio, MIDI and pedal connectivity options, plus a suite of digital features designed to make tweaking and perfecting your piano experience as intuitive as it is exhilarating. 

Contained within these remarkable digital pianos is a variety of superb concert, jazz, and pop grand pianos and full bodied traditional uprights appropriately voiced and miked for a broad range of musical styles. Enjoy playing the original sounds, or delve into the powerful Virtual Technician to adjust the piano beneath your fingertips. A treasure trove of authentic tine, reed, and modern electric pianos, crunchy clavs, and a striking electric grand lovingly sampled to preserve their unique tonal characteristics and imperfections. Play them clean, or plug into over 100 different effects, each with a variety of fully tweakable parameters. Inspiring subsidiary sounds include strings, basses and pads all adjustable with comprehensive ADSR envelopes and the global three-band parametric EQ.

Connect to a PC or Mac via USB, and to your favourite semi-weighted boards via MIDI, then control both simultaneously. The MP Series allows up to four MIDI channels to be controlled at the same time, each with their own custom key ranges and user-definable pedal and knob CC# assignments. A large graphic LCD display, four assignable real time control knobs, and a well organised, immediately usable panel interface. Leave the manual at home and concentrate on playing, rather than trying to remember exactly which button does what.

Industry leading pianos without compromise


Store and recall every customised sound, knob position, fader level, and adjustable parameter at the touch of a button. With more than 200 setup memories, MP Series instruments are ideal for busy stage musicians who like to plan several shows ahead, before going out on the road.

Elegantly finished wooden side panels, sleek gloss black paintwork and a raised fallboard displaying the Kawai family name give MP Series pianos a distinctive, professional appearance. Its sturdy aluminium and steel chassis, and reinforced base tell you that this instrument is built for the stage.

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