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QLX4 Add On Mic Boom Arm


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Model:  QLX-4       Detail For:   Fully Adjustable Telescopic Mic Boom
Specifications: Height positions measured from top of tier to boom swivel:
11.25" (28.5 cm), 10.2" (25.5 cm), 8.9" (22.5 cm), 7.75" (19.5 cm), 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Boom length: 22.5" (57) to 40.5" (102 cm)
Attaching collar: Grip-Lok/30
Weight: 2.4 lb - 1.1 kg

  • When you buy a "QLX" stand, you just don't buy any "X" stand, you invest in a system ! This system can be configured in a variety of ways to fit any keyboard players' needs. The QLX-4 is part of a complete line of options that are available for the "QLX" series as well as any Quik-Lok single-tier "X" stand with a "QL" prefix. A new, strong, non-slip, lightweight aluminum alloy locking collar called the "Grip-Lok 30" is used to anchor the QLX-4 to the main stand or to a QLX-2 or QLX-3.

  • Five position height adjustment
  • Telescopic mic boom can be swiveled to any position and extends to 40.5"(102 cm)
  • The "Grip-Lok 30" non-slip, aluminum alloy locking collar is used to attach the QLX-4 to any "QLX" series stand including the QLX-2 & QLX-3 add-on tiers and any Quik-Lok single-tier "X" stand with a "QL" prefix.

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