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Baby Grand

C Series at a G Series Price

The introduction of the Yamaha GC1 with its combined scale and rich tonal quality of the Yamaha C Series and cost advantages of the Yamaha G Series, will certainly open up a number of possibilities for home-customers previously constrained by small rooms and small budgets.

The GC1 uses the scale design and tonal quality of the Yamaha C Series, with a duplex scale and tone collector, at the G Series price point.

The Yamaha GC1 features a C1 plate, C1 style music rack, with GH1 level voicing and regulation.

The GC1 is available in Polished Ebony, with colours such as Polished American Walnut, Polished White and Polished Mahogany also available for order.

Length 161 cm
Height 101 cm
Width 149 cm
Weight 285 kg



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