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Bond & Davies Piano Service and Piano Shops

We tune and service pianos from southern QLD to southern NSW. Our Piano Excellence Centres are located in Narrabri, Wollongong and Binalong (Yass area).

As well as tuning, repairing and restoring pianos we also sell acoustic and digital pianos.

Pianos purchased from us are tuned and then regulated to the manufacturer's specification. 

With Acoustic Pianos purchased we can include an Extended Warranty and / or one of our Capped Price Service Plans.

Buying from Piano Technicians is buying with confidence.

Connect your piano without wires to a world of mobile phones, tablets, and other devices, with the global standard.

MIDI over Bluetooth allows you to effortlessly tap into an enormous - and growing - ecosystem of apps designed for musicians, for pianists, and for players of Kawai digital pianos. Use our own Virtual Technician app to navigate through the deepest settings, crafting the perfect piano sound for your own ears, right from your iPad, create your own scores with Touch Notation and play it back through your piano, or use all your favourite MIDI-enabled apps in whatever fun and creative ways you can think of.
Availabe in: ES110, CN27, CN37, CA78 & CA98.

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